Appeal at Hampton Lucy

Today was the first day of a four day hearing into an appeal lodged by Charles Church against a planning decision not to permit the development of 25 new homes in Hampton Lucy off Stratford Road (application no. 13/01876/FUL).

It was very pleasing to see how many of the residents of Hampton Lucy attended the meeting this morning in support of their residents action group and the parish council. This clearly shows how important it is to the local people that development of this kind is prevented.

Hampton Lucy is described in the Submitted Core Strategy a Category 4 Local Service Village. With that categorisation comes the requirement to provide between 10 and 25 homes over the plan period. So from now until 2031.

By allowing permitting the development we would be using up that entire allowance in one go. We would be subjecting this small village to a massive expansion leaving no room for organic growth, which is one of the key objectives of the Core Strategy.

Localism also plays an important role in planning and the strength of opposition shown by both the Parish Council and the Hampton Lucy Action Committee working together for a common goal.

Both the Parish Council and the Action Committee have worked hard over the past months in their preparation for this appeal and it showed how well prepared they were during their presentations and examination.

Neither the Parish Council, the Action Committee or I are opposed to development in the area, but such developments should be inline with the Core Strategy and the Development Plan, enable organic growth, be in keeping with the character of the village and comply with the Neighbourhood Plan being produced by the Parish Council on behalf of its residents.

Please come and show your support the people of Hampton Lucy to uphold the original decision to refuse this application.

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