Superfast broadband is now available in more parts of the Snitterfield Ward

The table below shows the cabinets that have been upgraded in your area, and the main areas that each cabinet covers. Please note, however, that telecoms infrastructure clearly does not follow postcodes. In fact, we are finding that we have some postcodes that are served by a number of cabinets, and some cabinets serve properties in more than one postcode. This means that residents should check their own lines to see if they are able to achieve superfast speeds, and details about how to do this are included at the end of this email.
The following cabinets have now been upgraded to superfast broadband:
Main Coverage Area
Postcodes Affected*
Barford 3
Barford/Hampton Lucy
CV35 8AT
CV35 9EJ
Claverdon 2
CV35 8LS 
 Claverdon 8
 Hatton/Lower Norton
 CV35 8XD
 Snitterfield 2
 CV37 0HB
CV37 0HD
CV37 0HE
CV37 0HF
CV37 0HG
CV37 0HH
CV37 0JD
CV37 0JF
CV37 0JG
CV37 0JH
CV37 0JJ
CV37 0JL
CV37 0JN
CV37 0JP
CV37 0JQ
CV37 0JR
CV37 0JS
CV37 0JT
CV37 0JU
CV37 0JZ
CV37 0LA
CV37 0TR
Snitterfield 3 
 CV37 0JB
CV37 0JE
CV37 0JY
CV37 0LD
CV37 0LE
CV37 0LF
CV37 0LG
CV37 0LH
CV37 0LJ
CV37 0LN
CV37 0LP
CV37 0LQ
CV37 0LR
CV37 0LS
CV37 0LT
CV37 0LU
CV37 0LW
CV37 0LX
CV37 0LY
CV37 0LZ
CV37 0QA
CV37 0QB
CV37 0QF
CV37 0RA
 Stratford on Avon 39
Stratford on Avon 
CV37 0NU
CV37 0NX
CV37 0NY
CV37 0NZ
CV37 0QE 
 Stratford on Avon 46
Stratford on Avon 
 CV37 0JA
 Wellesbourne 3
CV35 9EZ 
 Wellesbourne 4
Charlecote/Hampton Lucy 
 CV35 8AU
CV35 8AX
CV35 8AY
CV35 8BA
CV35 8BB
CV35 8BD
CV35 8BE
CV35 8BH
CV35 8BL
CV35 8BN
CV35 8BQ
CV35 8BW
CV35 9ER
CV35 9EW
CV35 9GZ


How can residents upgrade to fibre broadband?
1.      Check which cabinet their property is connected to and what speeds they might achieve ** by going to: and entering their landline number or address