February 2017 Council Report

Transport Strategy

On 9th February our MP, Nadhim Zahawi, alongside the portfolio holder for Infrastructure, Cllr Robert Vaudry, launched the District Councils draft Transport Plan.

Included within that plan were all of the items that have been presented to the PC in the past. They include:

  • Southern Relief Road
  • Eastern Relief Road
  • Improvements to rail connectivity to Birmingham, Leamington and London
  • An upgrade to the A46 through to the M69

In addition to these items the strategy is focused on reducing the congestion on the A3400 Birmingham Road by improving the Park and Rides and adopting a shared space approach to the town centre.

A copy for the plan is available online at the link below.  It is also now available for public consultation and I would encourage you all to make your views known.



Gypsy and Traveller Plan

Following the adoption of our Core Strategy last year, the Council is now required to produce a Gypsy and Traveller Plan covering the same time period.

Within that, sites had been identified as reserved sites for the Gypsy and Traveller Community, one of which was on Land at Black Hill for six pitches.

In the past this has caused much frustration for the residents of Snitterfield and Hampton Lucy. Initially through a planning application in 2011 which was won at appeal and more recently when it was included as a reserve site in the plan.

Since the original planning application the land has been sold and is no longer in the ownership of the G&T Community. Both the land-owner and I have worked hard with the District Council to have the site removed but until now our plea has fallen on deaf ears.

I am pleased to be able to report however, that at a Cabinet meeting at the end of January we were able to make representation to the members of the Cabinet and it was universally supported that the site should be excluded from plan.

It has been a long process but a successful one for the residents of Snitterfield and Hampton Lucy.


Balter Festival

At the January meeting of the Parish Council I brought to members attention that an application had been received for the Balter Festival, a four day event proposed at the Armories.

Residents expressed great concern over the hosting of the festival for a number of reasons and I am again pleased to be able to report that, thanks to the representation from the Parish Council and myself, our licensing panel agreed that the festival should not be granted a license to host the event later this year.

The decision is available online but largely hinged on the applicant not being able to provide assurance and evidence that appropriate controls would be in place to uphold the licensing objectives.

This decision could be appealed, although I think that unlikely I will notify the PC if that is the case.  Another avenue available to the event organisers would be a Temporary Event Notice (TEN).

A TEN can be applied for at short notice (7 days prior to the event) and if appropriate supporting documents are provided the TEN would be granted. Neither the District Councilor nor the Parish Council are notified of a TEN application, however I have regular dialogue with the licensing department and will notify you if the applicant choses to take this route.