Materials Recycling Facility

At the end of October, a paper was presented to Cabinet and Council to consider a regional recycling facility.  The existing recycling contract for the Council runs until 2022 at which point the Council would need to consider new arrangements for its recycling.  

As a result, the Council, along with neighbouring authorities, undertook a procurement exercise to determine the best way forward. Evidence showed that the costs associated with recycling continue to rise and as such The Council have explored the potential for a bespoke facility to operate as a commercial entity. A joint feasibility and viability study was conducted that showed it would be beneficial for the Council to enter into a joint project with neighbouring authorities to build a Materials Recycling Facility.  Such a project would greatly reduce the cost and potentially improve the delivery of its recycling service to residents whilst also having a potential improvement on Climate Change and generating revenue for the Council in the future. Council approved these plans and work has already begun on bringing forward this facility.