Climate Change Update

In July 2019 a motion was put to Council to declare a Climate Emergency and to establish a working group to consider how best the Council can tackle the climate change agenda. 

Subsequent to that a Task and Finish Group was established by the Overview and Scrutiny Committee to make interim recommendations and draw up a final report at the end of 2019.

That report was sent to Cabinet today and will now be considered in detail before a final decision is made on how to move forward.

The final report sets out a road map for the Council in achieving its Carbon Neutral ambitions to 2030. 

Based on the action plan, if endorsed in full by The Cabinet and Council in due course, by this time next year we will have the following in place:

  • a new council carbon reduction plan up and running for our own estate and operations with public monitoring of this through new KPIS; 
  • a new communications campaign up and running to boost recycling and re-use waste;
  • a taxi licence policy in place to make all taxis electric, zero, or ultra-low emissions. And a significant increase in EV charging points across the District;
  • a new community hub established to engage residents;
  • a far-reaching District-wide home insulation policy ready to launch; 
  • a bulk-by scheme in place for residents to access solar panels or other technologies; 
  • a major District-wide tree planting campaign – bearing fruit so to speak – having been launched in the Autumn; 
  • we will have identified land and be establishing a community project to promote biodiversity, community allotments and education opportunities; 
  • we will have moved to paperless committee meetings; 
  • have an investment strategy that underpins our climate change ambition; 
  • and have an adaptation strategy that aligns with the emerging Core Strategy; 

We will be holding regular Climate Forums to engage local partners and businesses, as well as have established a Citizen’s Panel to engage residents;

And, over 2020, we will have been working with regional partners on issues such as transport (the single biggest barrier to achieving a carbon neutral District), and we will have established a genuine track-record of lobbying the Government on a range of issues including finance, infrastructure and planning policy.  

A standing panel has been established and approved to oversee and continue the work on Climate Change through 2020 and beyond.  

Following one of the Task and Finish Groups interim recommendations, the Council have produced a new Development Requirements SPD in respect of the Climate Change Mitigation and Adaption. This is a document that sits alongside our Core Strategy and seeks to give further guidance on what is expected from developers in respect of Climate Change. The document is out to public consultation now and will continue to be available until the 21st February.  To view and comment on the consultation please visit

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