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July 2017 Council Report

Community Infrastructure Levy Community Infrastructure Levy (CIL) is a fixed rate charge that developers will pay for each square metre of additional floor space. This will be paid at the start of development or through phased payments during construction.  We are still waiting for our Inspectors Report on the final document prior to adoption. Initially […]

September 2016 Council Report

Inspired by the adoption of the Core Strategy in July, officers and members have spent the summer conducting a Strategic Review, essentially a holistic view of Stratford, which has focused on how to deliver the Core Strategy effectively and to plan for Stratford’s future growth. This has included public representation from businesses, residents, tourism boards […]

Superfast broadband is now available in more parts of the Snitterfield Ward

The table below shows the cabinets that have been upgraded in your area, and the main areas that each cabinet covers. Please note, however, that telecoms infrastructure clearly does not follow postcodes. In fact, we are finding that we have some postcodes that are served by a number of cabinets, and some cabinets serve properties in […]