Peter was a huge help in representing us at planning committee. He was professional and delivered a superb speech that ultimately convinced the members to vote they way they did.

Mark / Claverdon


An excellent representative. Thank you for your honesty and help with out application.



Professional, intelligent and a first class speaker.

Planning Officer / SDC

Peter is a terrific chairman, controlling meetings well and delivering the right questions at the right time to get to help members make the right decisions.

Licensing Officer / SDC

A great Councillor to work with.

SDC Officer

County Councillors

Peter is an excellent District Councillor, working hard for the people of Claverdon and representing them in a positive and successful way.

John Horner / Warwickshire County Councillor

A first class District Councillor who is effective at protecting and representing the interests of his constituents. Peter is great to work with and brings both positivity and professionalism.

Anne Parry / Warwickshire County Councillor